Exciting News

Tanzanian Breweries Limited (TBL) - the largest Tanzanian beer producer -  has teamed up with MSABI to support a water for schools and community education program.  In an initial phase project MSABI will drill 10 boreholes and install pumps for local Kilombero District Schools.  Each school will provide materials of bricks, sand, gravel, water.  They will also assist with accommodation and food for the MSABI drill team.  TBL will sponsor the remaining costs.  Further, TBL will sponsor the construction of an MSABI designed and constructed latrine system for a large school, provide funding for a new water quality lab testing machine and sponsorship of 5 MSABI community education teams operating over 5 villages.  We are very happy to have TBL as a partner.  We will be sure to continue our high quality works so that this program can expand to every school in the Kilombero District (>200 schools).