Evaluation of Latrines nearly finished

The evaluation of the latrines in Namawala is nearly done. Just some minor changes need to be done next week, the main tasks are finished.
We converted one compost latrine to a 2-stage septic tank, due to water infiltration in the wet season.
Several small changes were made: the floor was made even with cement (so that the washing water can flow out properly), toilet seats were replaced by a squat toilet (as most people obviously prefer a squat toilet), the tippy tap (to wash hands) was adjusted and repaired so that now all of them work again. Missing wire mesh for the vent pipes were added. For all of the latrines we made an information sheet so that people have the most important information laminated next to the door of the latrine. And several other small tasks.
But the most time-consuming and also the most important task was/is the communication with the owners and explaining them how to use the latrine and why to do so...

information sheet...

tippy tap working again!
explaining to the owner what is important when using the latrine.

Mzee Mtoa even painted the door and all the walls of his MSABI latrines, now it is definitely the nicest one of the eleven latrines so far.

Hopefully we will begin next week to build the first new 2-stage septic tank in Namawala, maybe even two at the same time. I am also planning to hire 1 or 2 other experienced builders from Namawala (apart from Issa) who can later be independently building latrines for MSABI.

I will keep you updated about the current status!