Busy times also with 4 foreign volunteers

So, Dale's gone now, and only us four foreigners here are left in MSABI (Nik, Cai, Alison and me). And still all of us are really busy!

Before Dale left, we took the only group picture with all of us on it, including Hashim (one of our field managers):
Alison, Mirco, Cai, Nik, Dale and Hashim in front of the "MSABI-house"

Last week I was in Namawala for 2 days to start work on the Latrines-evaluation project with Issa (our builder for latrines). We mainly started with some small adjustments that have to be made, but also did a split-compost-latrine to Septic-tank conversion. Which took us a whole day.
And most of the other work that's still to go for is regarding behaviour change, so to make sure people are using the latrines properly and talk with them a lot of times to explain the whole idea! And that will be very time consuming, but definitely interesting, and also good for my Swahili skills practicing :)

Working on the shallow septic tank outflow...

Issa plastering the floor after seat-to-squat replacement

Latrine where we also had to change the seat to a squat toilet. Because people are not used to a toilet seat, the are then standing on top of the seat instead of sitting on it...

Finished squat compost latrine with urine tank in the front.

Today, we started our 2week-training with the upcoming educators, in total we have now 13 people being trained at Mapenduzi school (including the 3 previous educators). They are all very promising and I am sure that they will become a solid base for our education team expansion!
Pictures and more information of the training are upcoming...