Vounteers have arrived

We have a full house.  At the IHI compound team MSABI is the dominant presence at the moment.  We have 6 foreign staff currently working in Ifakara.
Cai arrived last Friday overland from Malawi.  He is on the EWB-UK program and has a strong interest in rope pump technology.  He has lots of information and practical construction information to share with the team.
Mirco returned from Zanzibar from his language course and is adjusting very well to the project and taking on a leadership role.
Alison and Nik arrived together on the bus on Tuesday.  Alison is also on the EWB-UK program and she has specialist skills in international development best practice and environmental engineering.  Nik is on the Swiss National Service program. He has a phd in neuroscience - he is a bit older than the other volunteers - and his experience and level head will help manage the project during his stay.

On Wednesday we spent the day discussing all aspects of the project.  I think we covered most things - sometimes in a chaotic fashion as my mind was jumping around the place from one topic to another.  I have very impressed with the volunteers who have joined us - such a talented bunch of young people passionate about WASH.  I feel this project is going to achieve a lot over the next 6 months.   We now have the resources and energy necessary to focus on individual sub-projects - instead of 1 person covering the whole project - the load is shared amongst 4.

Cai and Alison will look after rope pumps and drilling.
Cai will also assist with the microfinance project and accounts.
Nik and Alison will cover the filter pot project - already they are making some significant improvements
Nik will join with Mirco to work on the expansion of the education program
Mirco will also undertake a 3 month evaluation review and training program of the compost latrines in Namwawala.

I think this is a unique opportunity - MSABI is offering a real working development program that allows not only work experience running a project, but a chance to develop the future path of an NGO.   Certainly if I was in their position I would be excited - heck it would have saved me a lot of time and energy getting to where I am now!

We are having great strategic discussions.  There are no right answers, but plenty of wrong solutions.  We have an idea of where we need to head and will get there through hard work, experimentation, iterations and by sharing knowledge and experiences.