Soap Box

Education, working with local communities intensively at the ground level to train them in tangible skills that generate business and internal recycling of money, and yes it's true - working with women is easier and they generally look after funds and channel them to the family better than the men do. However, over time long standing traditions do change through setting positive examples and encouragement. It takes a lot of energy and I guess that's why on a large scale things appear to not be working for Africa, but little by little small pockets of improvement occur which set examples for others looking in.

For example, after 1 year 5 out of 20 male drillers working for our water implementation program have opened bank accounts and put around 30% of their salary into savings. This may sound like an insignificant result, however when we first started everyone of them would have spent their salary within 1-2 days - some to family, some into bricks for the house, and most on trivial items. We are seeing a change in attitudes towards longer term thinking and planning. I am confident that within the year the majority of our drillers will be saving money, and their actions may filter over time to their friends and family - so on.

(note none of our team drink, so we never had the problem of money spent on booze).

Cheers, Dale.