Project update, outlook

Suddenly we are only three foreign people here in Ifakara working for MSABI. Anders finished his work for the microfinance collaboration with YOSEFO and is flying out of Dar tomorrow. Cay is currently on a 7-days drilling training (organised by SHIPO) in Njombe with Maurus and Haji. And Dale is staying in Dar for some days to do some shopping take care of several issues. But he'll be back by the end of the week to stay with us here for some few last days, before he's leaving in the beginning of August to leave us here on our own...

Meanwhile, work is going very well here in Ifakara. On Saturday, Nik and Alison did some first flow rate and turbidity testing of the existing water filter pots and are helping the potters a lot with their support and new ideas.

Small type of filter pots being tested

Today, we visited the pumps that were installed in the last few days/weeks:

Me with Nik visiting the pump at Kapolo Secondary School, finished last week.

MSABI pump replacing a former open well in Ifakara

At Mwalimu Daula's place in Kiningina, where the pump was installed last week.

At the moment there's no ongoing drilling, but today we just signed a contract with a community in Matonga and one drilling team should be starting work on Wednesday.
And we hope to have interviews for the education staff on Friday, so that we can expand our education program to more villages and provide our services to more people.
I will try to start my 3months-evaluation for the Latrines in Namawala this week, should maybe get there on Wednesday.