Hi, this is Nik. I arrived in Ifakara 2 weeks ago and I will be here for the next 5-6 month doing my civil service. Before coming here, I was in Zanzibar for 10 days where I had Kishwahili lectures. During my first days in Ifakara I visited different projects with Mirko, Alison and Cai. Dale gave us a nice introduction about all the different projects we are going to work on in the next month and showed us around in town.
In the coming months, I will focus on setting up a new education program (with Mirco) and on the filterpot project (with Alison).
This week we visited a few presentations held by the 3 educators working for MSABI. They were ok, but we think we should work on a slightly different format and interact more with the audience. Specific problems should be discussed in more detail. We are also going to hire more educators to expand our team. At the beginning of the week, we interviewed the first candidates and we plan to train them in the coming days.
We also started implementing the filter pot production and getting more consistency between pots (see Alison’ s report). Looking forward for the coming weeks!