Kiberege shamba visit

Yesterday myself and Hashim went with the local CCM Political Leader to Kiberege Village to talk to locals about MSABI and the services we offer.  Hashim organised everything, so I was along for the ride.  We travelled about 30km on the main road and then went into the "shamba" farm land areas for about 5km or more. We met with Sukuma and Masai families living in very basic conditions.  Their main business is sheep, goats and cattle.  Money wise they are not poor, but there are no facilities in these remote areas.  Hashim explained our program and then we did a survey of the area.  Whilst there is plenty of water only a few meters underground these people still have to walk 1.5km to the nearest shallow hand-dug open well.  As you can see from the photos below - that water is filthy!  So discussions were made between different family groups and they agreed to form a group to obtain a new MSABI borehole ( they will put up $200 collectively, plus materials, food and accom. for our drillers).  The new borehole will be located in an area central to their houses (reducing the walk to <200m for the 4-5 house compounds in the area we scouted).  After this we had a nice breakfast all together - I noted we all had different religions/animisms/beliefs and that there were 6 different tribes all  harmoniously sharing food from the one plate - it was a really nice friendly atmosphere in the room - acceptance of different races, cultures, tribes and religion  is a very special aspect of Tanzanian people.  Back to business, it seems that our services are in strong demand here and we will return early next week with a drilling team to start work.  These are my favourite community jobs - groups coming together with MSABI to help themselves in areas where no other provider will go.  Also, the CCM leader has promised to re-introduce us to the new local government District Executive Director and he has assured us that everything will be fine for MSABI and the government.

This coming week we have a job starting in Ifakara for a new borehole.  We have promoted one of our drillers (Bruno) to a team supervisor.  He will join Maurus (another team leader) for a 3-day trip to Mngeta village to introduce our 2010 program and also to search for two people to hire as community educators.  Bruno will be responsilbe for managing our community education teams.  We are expanding from one team to five or six, covering an area 100km long and 25km wide.

Cheers, Dale.

Hashim explaining about MSABI

Drinking water obtained 1.5km away.  

Woven basket for storing maize and rice.

These children will soon be drinking safe water.

Hashim with local Sukuma and Masai children seeing their picture for the first time.

The CCM leader left a gift of ear-buds.  Random yes, but this lady seems happy.