Project Handover etc.

Hi there!

It’s me, Mirco Keller, one of the two new Swiss project managers. I arrived in Tanzania 2 weeks ago and I’m going to be here for the next 6 months. Last week Raphael started with the project-handover of all the different subprojects, which should be finished in the next few days. Next week I’m also starting a Swahili language course as my language skills aren’t yet on a sufficient level for the work in the project. As at the moment it’s not that busy in the project, this should be manageable.

Tomorrow Monday we will have a meeting with the board members of MSABI, as well as a meeting with somebody from YOSEFO (microfinance) to find out what possibilities we have for our water project concerning microfinancing. Anders (from Denmark) will present his ideas and suggestions for a microfinance model. I’m really looking forward to this meeting and what will come out of it!

On Tuesday we will have a very important meeting with the Tanzanian Authorities of the district. This week we suggested collaborating and working together with them to do several installations and education at Primary and Secondary Schools in the region (our new Sponsor TBL wants to support this). Unfortunately, we didn’t do everything correctly and according to the normal procedure. This created some misunderstanding and some problems, but we hope that everything is going to be fine by next week after the meeting and that we will have a good collaboration.

Anders and Raphael at the pump with the deepest borehole (in Ifakara)!

on the road...