Private Sponsors

We are just coming out of the wet season - roads are drying, people are returning from harvesting their rice.  Demand for our services is picking up.  Tomorrow we start our first jobs since the rains finished.  We have 3 borehole and rope pump installations to complete in and around Ifakara.  The contracts are signed and the client contributions paid.  I expect July to be super busy.

For those private donors - thank-you for your patience over the last few wet months.  We are prioritising our work so that your pumps are first to be installed.  The following pumps will be installed over the next month or so:

Tomson Family Wellington 1

Karen Williams  1

Vicki Sherwood  1

Margaret Smith 1

Nerida Cooper 1

Jared Kilby  1

In loving memory of Jason Marchant  1

Laurelle Euston  1

Jerome Gill  1

Morgan Richards 1

Val and Allan Hammond 2

Soich Family, Wurtulla  1