Outline for the next 6 months

With a recent injection of funds from GHD Australia, Connect International and the Dar Goat Races charity event we are looking at the following project expansions over the next 6 month period:
·         Completion of 25 new water points sponsored by private donors.
·         Completion of 15 new water points sponsored by Connect International (money pledged by Connect - not yet received by MSABI).
·         Completion of 6 new water points sponsored by the Dar Goat Races charity event.
·         Expansion of our community education program from one two person team to 5-6 two person teams over the villages of Ifakara, Mngeta, Lupiro to Itete, Idete to Namwawala and possibly Kiberege.  This is an area 100km long by 35km wide.  The expansion is timed to provide services in the dry season when people are residing in their village homes (and not their farming areas).

We may also be performing services for the ruling CCM political party (15 boreholes) and also we are awaiting news on a partnership with Tanzanian Breweries Limitied which would involve a water for schools program.

MSABI will also be receiving increased management capacity with 2x Swiss National Service Volunteers (Mirco and Nik) assisting for the next 6 months and 2x Engineers Without Borders - UK volunteers on a three month placement.  This will enable us to undertake the following activities:
·         Sanitation program – an intensive evaluation and community training program for a 3 month period managed by an EWB.
·         Filter Pot program – laboratory testing of efficacy of faecal coliform removal and quality control training with our women’s pottery group.  We expect this to be a 3-6 month program.
·         Research and evaluation of rope pump technology – one of the EWB volunteers is experienced with Rope pump design.  We will undertake an evaluation of pump performance and maintenance issues – with an aim to improve performance and longevity of pumps.
·         Increased management capacity – enabling us to offer our services to new villages.