Last night we held a going away party for Raphael.  The team came to Ifakara and we ate BBQ sheep, beef and chicken.  We also introduced everyone to Mico.  This morning Mirco took the early train to Dar.  He is headed for Zanzibar to commence 3 weeks of Swahili language course.  Raphael will leave tomorrow.  This morning Raphael went to check on the kiln to take out the latest batch of pot filters.  It seems that the kiln got too hot again and half of the pots cracked or melted.  It is a shame, but we believe we can fix the problem next time.  Later today we are going over the project one more time and doing some accounts handover.  We are still waiting for a meeting with the District Local Government.  We were supposed to meet on Tuesday but were turned away as they were in an emergency meeting.  We are finding it very difficult to engage them and it is somewhat frustrating.