LAST DAY IN TZ (Raphael)

Hey, this is Raphael.
This is my last day in Tanzania and I am writing from Dar es Salaam where I'll be flying off tonight to go back to Switzerland. The last weeks have been very intense and haven't left me with much time and energy to put any update on this blog. (To be honest, the World Cup didn't help much either ;)

Most of our latest activities have already been mentionned by Dale and Mirco, but here are some more pictures and personal comments.

Inspection of completed installation at Mr Gasto in Mbasa (Australian Direct Aid)

Inspection of completed installation with Anders and Mirco at Mrs Njayagha in Ifakara.

Anders tries out our deepest well at Mr Ngumbata's place in Ifakara

Last burning with a lot of broken pots (the piles collapsed during firing)

Pelegia and Mary

Myself and Mirco in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam

Little break with Dale, Sarah, Emmanuel and uncle Joe at the friendly football game Brazil-Tanzania in Dar es Salaam (5:1)