Dar Goat Races (2)


On the 22nd of May, we attended the Dar Goat Races, a yearly charity event in Dar es Salaam. The Dar Goat Races have provided us with precious help last year (8 new pumps) and as the organisators have accepted to support us with another 10’000’000 TZS grant this year (approx. 8’500 US$), we were asked to come and present MSABI at the event. The new grant will allow us to sponsor another 8-10 water points and to purchase a second motorbike.

I went to Dar a few days before the event to get some printing done and also to do some shopping for the project. Hashim, Maurus, Rose and Bruno came then on the Thursday with all the equipment.
We spent Friday setting up the stand + our different installations and came back on the Saturday for the event. As previously mentionned (see previous post), our genereal aim was to get visitors to experience MSABI by seeing and touching objects, rather than by reading boards or looking at pictures. We managed to install a rope pump and get it running with water, by drilling a small borehole, putting a tap at the bottom and installing a closed water circuit. We also presented a tippy tap (hand washing device), the sodis technology, two of our last filterpot prototypes and some scaled models of the pumps manufactured by some of our fundis (workers).
Despite rainy weather, we had good fun there and made some interesting encounters.