I am in the process of updating free-share files on our site.  All MSABI purchase receipts can be viewed on this site, as well as project information and gps locations for all installations, a few movies and media articles.  Login details are:
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password: Tanzaniawater1
The details can also be found on the right of this blog.  Don't forget that a lot of this information can also be found on our MSABI website.

For those donors wondering about their pump installations.  We are just coming out of the wet season now and people are slowly returning from their farms after harvesting rice.  The wet season is unseasonably long this year - it was raining this morning, something I have not seen in late June in the three years I have been here.  This effects when people harvest their crops and also access to remote regions.  We expect as people sell their rice that we will have a dramatic increase in demand for our drilling services.  In fact we have a job next Tuesday and are visiting Kiberege village (40km away) tomorrow to survey for 3 boreholes.  I will update soon whose pumps are ready for installation.