Survey of 2009 installations

Work demand has diminished in the last 2 weeks (mainly because of rain + general money shortage before harvesting of crops). We have therefore organised a survey of the rope pump installations completed by MSABI in 2009. We encountered the following results:

Total of surveyed installations: 35

Average users / well: 157 (from 5 to 1337)

Average buckets per pump / day: 233 (20-1200)

Average income /day is difficult to define precisely mainly due to innacuracy of information provided by the owners. According to our survey though, we can state that most of the people selling water are able to get more than 2000 tsh/day, i.e. 60’000 tsh / month !!! A good half of the owners also stated they simply coul not sell water to their neighbours, for most of them are relatives or close friends.

During the pump inspection we encountered the following problems:

- Old rope needing replacement (6), mostly 4mm

- Broken handle (1)

- Damaged guide block (4)

- Damaged Raising Main (5), mostly ½ inch

- Damaged pump (1) > broken by.. a cow!!!

- Damaged bushes (2)

- Damaged Apron (1) -> not enough cement provided by client at the time of building

We have set a price for the different spare parts and are currently performing the needed repairs. The damaged pump has already been replaced (nice effort from Bruno and Ngila who went up to Mngeta, sometimes carrying the new pump, the cement bags and their bicycles on their head because of the high level of the water. I realise this is a service that we should be able to offer on the longer term and I am trying to introduce a system where these small repairs can be done by our fundis who directly negotiate their salary with the client.

Maurus (in red) briefing Thomas, Bruno and Ngila on the job...

Pump survey in Lupiro