Meeting with board members

On friday we held a meeting with the board members of MSABI.
Here is a short review:

Mr Honorathy Urassa (board member)
, Mr Benedict Ngakuka (board member), Mrs Elisa wa Palila (representing board member Mr Altrmius Ambros Millinga), Mr Raphael von Allmen (project manager),

Mr Ami Mpungwe (future board member), Mr Dale Young (Managing Director)

Subjects of discussion inlcuded:
Latest installations and achievements
(58 pumps, 11 latrines, 1 kiln, 1 workshop, prototypes of filter pots, new education program)
2) Information about foreign staff
(I will go back to Switzerland at the end of june and will be replaced by 2 other swiss civilists. We'll also have 2 EWB (engeneers without boarders) volunteering this summer and Dale Young will come for 2 months to help with hand-over from june to august)
Budget & objectives
(price of different installations, community contribution, budget 2009 and 2010, proposal WEFA 2011-2012, hand-over in 2012)

Important suggestions/decisions included:
A) The board members suggested MSABI employs few permanent staff (two team leaders + educational staff), all the others being under contract.
B) The Board members requested a meeting with the workers, which will also give opportunity to Mrs Elisa wa Palila to present possibilities of collabration between YOSEFO (microcredit) and workers (meeting planned for sat 17.04.2010)
C) As most of MSABI's foreign staff will be volunteers coming and going every 6 months or so, we have decided to ask each volunteer to call a meeting and provide a full report of its activity to the board members before he leaves. The board member have also requested that we choose / hire a Tanzanian assistant to make sure activities keep running during transition periods.