Meeting with ACCESS in Mahenge

Last thursday, ACCESS asked us to come to Mahenge to present our activities and the filter pot project in particular. ACCESS are based in Ifakara and are related to the Ifakara health Institute. They were presenting their new Health Promotion Package. This is a program subsidising + assisting small groups of women who want to start businesses related to health improvement in Kilombero and Ulanga districts. Provided we can produce the filterpots, we are considering a collaboration, where Access could help promote + distribute the pots in the 2 districts by subsidising women groups based in the villages surrounding Ifakara.

We went to Mahenge together with Hashim (first time for him, although Mahenge is only a 1.5 hour drive from Ifakara). There were a lot of officials from both districts (including district and health officers). The presentation (in swahili!) went pretty well and we got a lot of interest + questions from the audience. Although, I'm not a very fond of meetings, this was a good opportunity to meet all these people in one setting and have them informed about our activities. Let's see what comes next :)

At the ferry (Kivukoni, 5 km from Ifakara): The Kilombero river is very high at the moment and hippos + crocs should be coming back in a few weeks...
Mahenge, view of the center of the town.

Hashim (first time in Mahenge!) in the meeting room.