News form Dar es Salaam

Hi, this is Raphael: I am now in Dar es Salaam for a few days. I had some shopping to do for the project today and I am having a 2 days workshop with CONNECT and SHIPO, tomorrow and friday. Oh and good news: Today, I got our official certificate of incorporation as a company limited!!!

Here is some information about what we are doing at the moment, to complete what Dale has written (thank you for the extensive summary Dale):

1) Rope pump: We are currently drilling at Mofu (3rd well of four completed, i.e. 2x for a school, 1x for a community + 1x for a church), at Idete Primary School and in Mngeta. The upcoming jobs are a pump replacement in Kibaoni, another school in Idete and at least 3 wells in Kibaoni (probably more).

2) Education: Last week I completed a new version of our new education program both in English and Kiswahili and we have made some A3 laminated print-outs. Before leaving, I met the chairman of Kibaoni and the district officer and they both seemed pretty enthousiastic about the project. Our new 2 people team, (Rose from Namawala and Thomas from Kibaoni) will now be providing courses in Kibaoni (Ifakara) throughout the month of march.

3) Toilets: Isa and his helpers have just finished latrines 2, 3 and 4 and are starting 5, 6 and 7 this week in the village of Namawala.

4) Filter Pots: The new workshop is completed and some new potters are interested to join the group. Haven't had much time to follow the pot making last week, but they have a list of what we need (in terms of mixes + quantity of pots). Many are already done and the last ones should be ready in 1-2 weeks. So hopefully we can have the next burning around mid-march. We still miss some lab equipment for analysing efficacity of pots (fecal coliform testing), but I am trying to organise it with someone coming from Switzerland in a few weeks. Finger's crossed :)

After the workshop, I'll take one week hollyday before returning to Ifakara. Before leaving, I left Hashim and Maurus, our two team leaders in charge of the different projects. I must say they have been very active too in the last weeks and have helped me a lot, especially on micro-management scale.

Here a picture of Kariakoo (big market area in Dar es Salaam)