MSABI completes 50 rope pump installations!!!

Hi Dale here,

Congratulations to Raphael and the MSABI team!!!  We have completed our 50th rope pump installation.  An amazing achievement since we first started operations only last June!

A big pat on the back for Raphael.  I hope people can try to get a small appreciation for the amount of hard work and effort that he is putting into this project - all as a volunteer - with such a huge responsibility as our sole project manager/director/administrator/accountant/logistics/engineer.

Myself, I have been looking for a job back here in Australia.  It is difficult with the responsibilities of the MSABI project - particularly as I have to return in a few months for handover to new volunteers.  I have an interview on Monday for a 3 month contract position.  Of course the advert for the job came out the day after I had booked flights to Indonesia for a training/surf trip - I thought I might as well make the most of my free time before Tanzania  - since there is not much work around at present.

I have also done two public presentations on the MSABI project in the last 2 weeks.  One was to the local rotary club and the other to GHD in Brisbane.  What I do realize is that MSABI is doing such a better job and so much more bang for buck compared to other NGOs!!!