Meeting WEFA in DAR

I just participated to a 2 days meeting with WEFA (water, energy and food alliance) in Dar es Salaam. Here is some information + links.

1) About WEFA (extract from document presented at meeting)
The world has committed itself in to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) by 2015. Foundation Connect International, Rural Energy Foundation (REF) and FACT Foundation, are forming an
Alliance, called WEFA (Water, Energy and Food Alliance), that mainly focuses on low-cost watsan, energy and food security solutions in rural and to some extent poor urban communities, including climate change adaptations. The Alliance partners have to date successfully assisted poor communities, mainly rural villages, to achieve several of the MDG’s with regard to the mentioned subjects, based on the following basic principles:
· Self help (everything that can be done by the final beneficiaries is done by themselves).
· Local economic development and local production/provision of facilities and services required by final beneficiaries on a commercial basis by local companies.
· Access to affordable credits and other financial products enabling final beneficiaries to commercially purchase the facilities and services that are imperative for their health, wealth and happiness and which they prioritize and wish to purchase.

In its different projects, MSABI is implementing techniques that have been first developped by CONNECT (SMART techs) and are now being promoted + taught in different centres like Njombe, Tanzania (where MSABI did its training).

WEFA is currently applying for a grant from the Dutch government, which would assist different NGO partners (including SHIPO and MSABI) during a five year period (2011-2015). An important aspect of the project is to create links between different NGOs and see how we can benefit each other. The aim of the workshop was to determine the capacities / options that we are considering here in Tanzania + to allow the different potential actors of the project to meet and get to know each other.

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After the meeting (Tom de Veer, Connect together with SHIPO staff)