Latrines in Namawala

Here is a comprehensive update about the different latrines we have been building in Namawala lately. We have now 10 constructions (here 9), most of them being almost finished.

1) Mr. Shabani Kalenga / in use since january 2010
Had a look yesterday and there seem to be a lot of mosquitoes... Quite strange, as we converted this pit latrine to a septic tank (water level too high) + it has a flush system...

2) Mr Nowa Mganga, almost done

Also a small problem of water level. We decided to increase the drain a bit and are now waiting for the next rain to see what happens.

3) Mr Ezekiel Mkiwa
4) Mr Ramadhan Mtoa
5) Mrs Pliska Kisenyme

6) Mr Syprian Syprian

7) Mr Isa Kayoka (Our builder has decided to make one for himself...)

8) Mr Mkwabi

9) Mr Charles Medadi