back in Ifakara

Hi there,
Just a short message to tell you I'm back in Ifakara after my trip to Dar + a week off in Zanzibar.
Most of the guys have been busy and Hashim and Maurusi seem to have done a good supervision of the different projects in my absence. I am going tomorrow to Idete, Namawala and Mofu to see how are things + pay some salaries.

But I can already communicate that we have now completed more than 50 rope pump installations, and 7 latrines and started 3 more. The education team (Thomas and Rose) have been a bit lazy since my departure (only 3 meetings in 2 weeks!!!) and I have now asked them to cover more sub-villages and do some school presentations, so as to get to 2-3 meetings per day... Haven't seen the potters yet, but I really hope we can fire the next batch of pots before the beginning of april.

I know some donators are waiting to get images + information of our last installations. Sorry about the delay: I should be able to get most of them (+ gps position) between tomorrow and saturday.