About last week

Hi, this is Raphael and here are some fresh news of the last days:

Meeting: We are holding a 2day-meeting tomorrow and wednesday in Idete with all collaborators in order to celebrate the 50th ropepump installation + to share information and acquired experience. This will be a good opportunity for everyone to meet + to discuss different matters.

Drilling: We are currently busy on two boreholes in Ifakara, the other drillers have been resting, making ropes or working on their farms for a few days as there has been a bit less demand these 2 last weeks (rain season + everyone awaiting money from crops)...
- One installation (Mr Gasto n°1) is almost finished. We are installing a rope pump and putting a 6'' pipe on the last meter to allow put an electric pump later.
- On the other, we made a stupid mistake : we all got pretty sure that there was enough water by looking at the samples, and the drillers put the gravel pack + seal before completing pump test. The pump test now showed too little water and the owner wants us to come up with an alternative. So we will probably redrill (i.e. restart the job: bloody shortcuts!). This will be a good example to talk about at our meeting tomorrow. (NOTE FROM DALE - This is why we have our supervisors and managers to ensure quality work - sometimes the drillers take short cuts to save time resulting in mistakes. Their short-cuts end up costing money and even more time. Their penalty will be that they drill a new borehole for no additional salary).

We also have 2 new jobs starting by the beginning of next week.

Education: Our education team (Rose and Tomas) have started getting more work in the last week, by alternating different sub-villages and schools. I've attended one meeting in Kibaoni today, to check how they are doing. It turned out to be a very small one (about 20 people) because some official was sick and hadn't contacted anyone else, but it gave me the opportunity to see some problems we are still facing in terms of communication. Tomas is still a bit shy and lacks interaction with the audience. i could see Rose has got much more experience and she is doing a very good job.

Potters: After a discussion with George, our local swiss-hungarian technical adviser, we have decided to delay the burning and get some more pots to make sure we are making a good use of the kiln. Pelegia (landowner of the kiln + workshop) has now come back from her farm and has started to work again on pot making. Three other women from the group also joined her and started to work together today on a new 70 pots-order I came up with. I feel we need to build up a trusting relationship between the potters and MSABI if we want to get some quality here and therefore it is important that MSABI shows there is plenty of work. We are currently testing different mixes of " clay + sawdust" and "clay + rice husk" to define what we need. Also many thanks to Cornelia who just came back from Switzerland and managed to bring us some testing material that we still missed !

Latrines: Isa and is team have been working on finishing the 10 latrines they built in Namawala. I'll get more news tomorrow at the meeting.

Paperworks: I've done a lot of administrative work these last days, with the preparation of the meeting, some accounting + budgeting, the review of our drilling contract, many forms to fill to get a TIN number, and the writing of 2 proposals for CONNECT (already sent) and WEFA (for 2011 and 2012, not finished yet).