Some change at MSABI

Hi everyone, this is now Raphael speaking and here is some fresh news about MSABI:

1. Change in management:
Dale has left Tanzania last week and I have now taken over full management of MSABI. We are still in frequent contact and discussing small issues / new ideas through e-mail.

2. About this blog:
I will continue to use it as a diary for MSABI. Change in style + frequency may occur :)

3. Some news about the work...
These weeks we have been working on:

-Bravo secondary School, Ifakara:
borehole + installation of electric pump connected to a 5000 liters tank.

-Irrigation system, Mbasa (Ifakara):
elevated pump + 2500l tank with outlets allowing further installation for drip irrigation system.

-Lumemo (potters'), Ifakara:
Construction of new working place to allow the potters to work during rain season.

-Mofu village:
one team has started last week the first of 4 boreholes + rope pump installation, I have hired a new driller from Namawala: his name is Thomas

-Kibaoni village, Mr Amani Mono:
Borehole + rope pump installation, should be completed tomorrow.
Another newcomer, from Mbasa, but this one is a girl-driller: she is called Akwilina, and is doing very well... we may have a women's team coming up, who knows ;)

Photos + details: check next messages

Coming up...
- Borehole + rope pump installation with option for electric pump at Mr Jullu's in Kibaoni.
- Back to pot making as soon as the new workshop is finished.
- Education program: aim is to restart it by the beginning of march
- Latrines: I am meeting mr Isa (our builder) tomorrow in Namawala and we'll probably start the next construction very soon