Problem at Namawala Clinic

This week we went back to Namawala clinic, in order to try to deepen the well that was installed there a few months ago by MSABI.

After the first attempt we did together with Dale in january, we have made a new heavy + sharp ended tool, intended to break rocks in small bits, before lifting them with a bailor (piece of metal tube with a valve allowing to lift sand and small gravel).

The well has a hole of about 80 cm diameter and as we only need a small hole for our casing, we had someone standing on top of a 8'' PVC pipe inside the well and helping it to enter the ground by applying pressure onto it, while the rest of the people were alternatively using the drilling tool / bailer indide the PVC pipe.

It worked quite well on the first day and we drilled about three meters in a few hours, but the second day, the drilling tool, although very (or much too?) efficient started cracking some rock and brought the whole well to shake on each hit. A few briks even started collapsing from the inner wall, which got pretty scary for Hashim, who was working in there. This now being too dangerous, I decided to stop any further drilling in the well.

After i left this afternoon, the team has put back the pump into place + recemented the lid.
There is some water in at the moment as it has been raining lately, and we have offered to drill a new borehole if needed.

As we took the 8'' pipe out, we also discovered the bottom of it had been broken by our tool, probably due to the fact that the pipe went in with a slight inclination.

Preparing the 8'' pipe

our new drilling tool (pretty rough but very efficient)

Bottom of the pipe = broken

The broken pipe and the well