GHD Young Professionals raise more money.

A big thanks to Jared Kilby, Toby Turner and all the GHD Young Professional team members for continued support for the MSABI project.  They have recently finished another chocolate drive and raffled a donated PSP play station.  The total money raised is $1508.68.

We will be able to install another 2 boreholes and rope pumps with money to spare.  I will extend our services on a slight tangent and buy enough text books for the Idandu Primary School at Namwawla.  They have 200+ primary school students, with 1 teacher and 2 teacher aids.  Up to now they work with a total of 6 text books for children ranging over 4 class levels!!!!  So we aim to purchase 20 copies of each text book for 4 subjects per class level.  That will be a total of 320 text books - enough to share 1 per desk per subject.  The cost will be around $1000.

Thanks also to the Thomson Family in Cairns who donated money for a new rope pump and borehole!

This week I am writing a proposal for some further funding.  I have been working with Raphael, and this week I am leaving operations in his control.  Myself and Tanya have only 2 weeks before we leave!  Crazy!!!  So Raphael is managing the project and is very very busy.  There is enough work for 3 managers!

On a frustrating front, we sent a team to Mngeta village to do a job for a local businessman.  When we arrived with our equipment he decided he didnt want to pay us and that we should leave.  Nice!!!  If he ever wants our assistance again he can pay extra - to cover our transport costs!!!

Our other drill teams are in Ifakara, and Kibaha.