XMAS and NY - ABC Radio

It seems people are interested more in what we do for Xmas than what we are here doing for a living!!!
ABC radio Brisbane phoned me this week for an interview about what I would be doing for XMAS. I was happy to oblige but a bit dissapointed the focus was on what I would be eating for XMAS and not about the MSABI project.  Anyway I managed to steer the conversion a little towards what MSABI has been doing this year.  Apparently the interview went down quite well and they tell me they want to call back for a follow up.  There may be a podcast of the interview on the ABC website soon.

So what did we do for Christmas?  Well we had a very nice dinner with a few of our fellow expats who are from Switzerland.  There are only 6 of us here in Ifakara at the moment.  Our Swiss friends celebrate on Christmas Eve.  We had antelope kebabs for the main - they were amazing- melt in your mouth!  Dessert was also a highlight.  The Swiss made all different types of cookies and Tanya made a christmas cake with custard!

On Christmas day itself we slept in and rested.  We are both exhausted after a very big month.  The first good rains of the season were falling and it was nice to sit in bed and watch a movie with the rain in the background.  In not so Christmas spirit we also killed a sheep that was given to me as a gift from one of the Sukuma that we installed a new borehole/pump for.  I gave half of the sheep away and put the rest in the fridge.  We had a roast leg of lamb (yes it was a young sheep) and it was possibly the best I have ever had - I am not kidding!!!  We are backing up tonight with another leg of lamb! haha.  And the good times will continue into New Years. This afternoon I received another sheep as a gift, also from a satisfied Sakuma client.  I think we will invite the Swiss over and some local neighbours and have a big BBQ cook up!

Sheep delivery service.  This Sukuma man rode his bike over 60km of rough dirt tracks to deliver this gift from his compound leader/chief.  He stayed the night at our house before returning the next day on his bike.

I wish everybody a merry festive season!