Raphael: First Post

I arrived in Ifakara two weeks ago and this is my first entry on MSABI’s blog.

As you probably know, Dale is currently bringing me up to speed on all his activities so as to hand over to me the management of MSABI by the end of january. I am glad to be here and I am really looking forward to the upcoming months. What Dale and the team have been able to achieve here in the last 6 months is very impressive and motivating.

These first weeks have offered me a fairly good overview of the multi task job I'll be dealing with at MSABI in the upcoming months, including:
-          material supply in Ifakara + Dar-es-Salaam,
-          team management on ropepump and pit latrine projects,
-          project development of the pot filter project
-          paperworks + general account ledger
-          management of small community education program
-          communication

There is good possibility I may get to hire some staff to assist me me in the upcoming weeks, if I feel it is needed. This is as long as hiring somebody proves to be a help rather than a hindrance, of course.

About the filter pot Project
It started raining a few days ago (small rain season) and we currently think we should encourage the potters to make a good reserve of clay for the upcoming big rain season. We probaby also need to build a shed to allow the potters to work in the rain.