Mobile affordable drilling rigs

Hydra-Jett parts and accessories - Come to us for portable one-man water well drilling rigs.
These mobile drill rigs came to my attention this week.  They are produced in the USA and prices start from US$5000 (pictured middle) to US10,000 for the hydraulic trailer mounted unit on the right.  With a large project budget we would be able to test one of these units.  They can drill to 100 m and are able to penetrate soft rocks and sandstones.

This morning I had a very interesting chance meeting with a retired Tanzanian politician.  His previous roles included speaker for the East African Parliament and Minister of Defence.  He was very interested in MSABI and says he will organise a meeting with the Minister of Water in early January.  I will have to do a small presentation.  He believes they will be most interested in what we have done this year.

So for now I have no idea what I will be doing in the future but I will go with the flow.