New Water Point for Cristi Farrell in memory of her Mother Mary Kay Farrell

We recently completed a new water point for the Mahutanga family group at Mahutanga sub-village, located approximately 5km from Ifakara.  The families in this area have had to walk over 1km to obtain clean water - and when they get there they usually had to wait in line for over an hour!  We drilled a 20m borehole and once again their was plenty of water (on the river delta areas water is plentiful).  For this job we tried out our new 6mm rope.  It took a few sessions to get the right piston and knot size - it's called commissioning in the engineering world.  During our commissioning I could tell some of the locals were a bit skeptical and doubting our skills and this new pump design!  However, there doubts were short lived.  I returned earlier this week to take some pictures and the same locals were the first to (literally) run up and shake my hand and tell me how tasty the water is.  In particular one old man was very pleased.  These small moments make what I am doing very special!!!  He was saying how great the water is, even after I kept telling him they should still boil it for the next week or so because it is still cleaning up after the drilling process.  He kept saying "Maji tum, tum sana. ciotagi kushemsa." (the water is sweet, very sweet - there is no need to boil it).  I then explained to the people present that the well was donated by Christi Farrel from America, and it would be great if we could take a picture of them using their well.  They were happy to oblige and said they were grateful for the donation from overseas.  They told me to return the next day to make sure I get a picture of everybody who was using the new water point.

Donated by Cristi Farrell in memory to her late Mother Mary Kay Farrell.

Family users of the new water point.  The old man in blue is described above.

GPS point S08 08 54.6 E036 38 46.3

What a smile!