MSABI update - Thank-you GHD Australia for continued support into 2010

To date we have completed 41 installations in a 6 month operation period.  Of this 25 are new water points created by MSABI, the remaining are either converted open wells or replacement of old broken pumps on existing government boreholes.

To date we have spent nearly $50,000 this year.  That figure includes everything from project inception - things such as training of staff, motorbike and fuel, 5x drill sets, welding and pump manufacture, the 41 installations, staff salaries, completed education program in two villages, and kiln/filter pot project.  We have also received around $8000 from Tanzanian community contributions for new water points!!!

I have just received notice that GHD Australia have pledged another $15,000 for MSABI in 2010.  This is great news.  We don't need a lot of money to survive but we rely on the kindness of individuals and organisations for our existence.  Please continue to support our project like GHD is doing! Next year we aim to install at least 50 new water points and as many as 100 depending on resources available!

We currently have another 21 pumps under construction at the workshop.  The production rate from the workshop is frustratingly slow, but they are just managing to provide us with enough new pumps.

Freshly painted pump stands.