Full Steam Ahead

A busy week of team management and organisation!  As we speak we have 3 drill teams operating in three completely different locations - all very far away from the homes of the drillers.

  We have completed pumps for the following people:
  • Vicki Sherwood
  • Ifakara Health Institute
  • Maggie Sherwood
  • Mary Kay Farrell
  • Tom and Ethel Conere
  • Karen Williams

Yesterday the bottom four listed pumps were delivered to a village named Mgete.  These pumps will be installed after we drill new boreholes in a very remote rural area approximately 15-30km from Mgete.  Word has spread amongst the Sukuma tribes people after we installed a new borehole and pump for a Sukuma family near the village of Namawala.  The Sukuma tribes people are a large group derived from the Masaii.  They are herders and also do some agriculture.  They are marginalised and largely disadvantaged in Tanzania as they are increasingly forced to live in very remote areas.  They do value clean water though!  Four family groups have requested MSABI services.  It takes 2 hours by bicycle from Mgete to reach where they live!  They will contribute TSH400,000, sand, gravel and bricks and provide 6 labourers.  Our team left on Wednesday and arrived in Mgete at midnight!  They then travelled to the Sukuma land the next day - complete with drill set and enough materials for 4 boreholes.

The other Vicki Sherwood pump was sent to Kibaha yesterday along with another drill team.  They plan to drill a new borehole in a new area after drilling a dry borehole last month.  Note Kibaha is near Dar es Salaam.  We have to send our equipment by truck, drillers by bus and organise and forward all materials including mattresses, mozzie nets, food etc.  Whilst we are there one of the MSABI team members, Mr Ali, we travel to Somanga (another full days bus trip) and install a rope pump over an existing borehole (that had its original expensive foreign pump stolen - note the rope pump has no resale value and is cemented into the ground (not bolted)).  There is a lot of demand for our services in the Dar region.  I am constantly fielding phone calls.  However, we don't plan on rushing into expanding our services - we are too stretched as it is.  

Finally, we have our third team working in the village of Lupiro.  Lupiro is 50km to the east of Ifakara.  The Ifakara Health Institute has a long history of working with the community there on malaria research.  They have been assisting with the maintenance of the only public water point in Lupiro - an SWN pump that consistently breaks and costs a fortune to repair.  They have decided it will serve the community better if MSABI assists and drills a new borehole and installs a rope pump.  Note Lupiro is a big village - around 5,000 people - and only one government water point!!! Crazy!