Floyd Dowell - Tractors for our daily bread

Recently we had a visit from Floyd Dowell who is doing some consulting work on a malaria project.  Floyd is involved in a number of charities, including one he runs called Tractors for our Daily Bread.  It is a great charity that helps institutions such as African universities obtain tractors for agriculture work/research.  He buys second hand Ford tractors and rehauls them.  He donates them for free, but the recipient must meet the shipping/import costs.

Floyd is a quietly spoken guy who does a lot of listening before he speaks.  Whilst he was here he was trying to sort out an urgent request from the Ifakara Hospital for installation of a new borehole.  He had received numerous emails from the Hospital director that the hospital was without water.  The hospital is managed by the Catholic Church.  Through Floyd's visits and my understanding of the hospital we were able to gain a better picture of the real needs of the hospital.  Personally, I am very critical and sceptical of the Ifakara Hospital management.  There are so many bad stories that come out of that hospital.  I was interested to learn about their water problem.  I won't bore you with details, but to summarise, it turns out the hospital has 4 very deep boreholes (>100m).  In theory each borehole has enough capacity (10-15m3/hr) to run the hospital water needs by itself - so 4 boreholes should be ample.  One borehole has a slight manganese issue, but could be mixed with the other borehole to minimise taste impacts.  They simply need to upgrade their pumps to a larger size.  The current pumps should easily manage the demand for the hospital, but it seems the management have another agenda.  They appear to be providing piped water to half of the town!  And they seem to be doing it at the expense of their own patients!!!! (Disclaimer - this if my biased opinion and is not substantiated with proven facts).  The hospital has around a maximum of 400 patients and staff, but after much probing Floyd was told they need to supply water for around 2000 people and 55 houses????  It is highly possible they are selling the water as a business.  The real reason for a new borehole is not known - perhaps they want to expand their water business - but my suspicion is that they have organised a kick-back arrangement with a Dar borehole contractor who was lined up to drill a new borehole.  Anyway, Floyd went home with a new understanding of the hospitals problems.  The plan of action will be to upgrade the pumps.