Craig continues his support for MSABI - I get an opening thank-you party and chook!

Craig Masterton has donated his hard earned coin to the MSABI project. His donations have made a big difference to many rural Tanzanians.

Attached are pictures of 2 of the new water points that Craig's money has created. The best thing is that the community held a big opening party for one of the installations. Previously thei
r nearest water point was over 1km away. Now in this area over 250 people benefit from having a pump with clean water near their homes.

Thanks Craig! GPS point S08 06 01.8 E036 31 04.7

Plenty of cool clean refreshing water straight from the Udzungwa Mountains.

Mid-day heat and still a big line up. Mornings and afternoons attract 20m long lines. The local group who contributed equivalent of $200 to MSABI for installation of this borehole and rope pump are selling the water back to their community at 2c per bucket. They are selling around 200 buckets per day - so an income of $4 per day. Their asset will be paid off within 50 days - less than 2 months. Pretty awesome business that is providing people with safe and clean water! Craig's donation helped subsidise the cost of the installation - approximately $600. The gentleman on the left is one of the group owners and he is collecting money from the sale of water - he appears rather happy.

Craig's second pump. Today we were invited to attend a grand opening party organised by the local group who contributed $200 to MSABI for a new water point. They are so very happy and thank-full that they decided to hold a party for MSABI.

Here we have the group owners surrounding their pump. 23 families use this pump - approximately 200 people! Previously the nearest safe water point was over a 1.5km walk away. They live on top of a hill, so carrying a bucket full of water home was a 2 hour mission! Now they have their own water point on top of the hill. It was a real challenge for us to find water here. We drilled one failed borehole, then on our second we hit hard rock. We then used one of our drillers to open the hole up into an open well. He hacked through 2m of solid rock. The water now is ample, fresh and safe!

Here I pose for a picture.  The GPS location of this pump is S08 05 43.2 E036 30 48.7

Cutting the opening ceremony ribbon which was actually a piece of twine. Hilarious.

Pumping first "ceremonial" water from the newly opened well.

Proud owners!

They are very grateful and appreciate the donations from Australia.

Here I am presented with an official thank-you letter. They detailed that they have made $40 in the last month from selling water and that they no longer have to spend hours each day collecting water.

Here I am presented with a chicken. A gift of appreciation.

Chicken Trophy!!!!  Highlight of my career.

Time to party.  Boys dancing competition.

Girls dancing competition.

Everybody dancing!

Token cute kid.