Kimbiji - beaches south of Dar.

We have a guest visiting MSABI from GHD Australia.  Toby Turner works in the Brisbane GHD office and has played an important role with their Young Engineers group in fund raising for MSABI.
Last weekend myself and Toby went to the southern beaches of Dar es Salaam to finish the installation of a rope pump at an existing borehole located right on the beach.

To get to the southern beaches you take a ferry ride from the city centre.  I was surprised how pristine and beautiful these beaches are - and all within a 30 min drive to the heart of one of the largest cities in Africa.

Looking back across the entrance of the Dar es Salaam harbour and city.

This pump was set in concrete by the owner.  We came to install the rising main and rope.

First water flowing.

A glimpse of the empty beach.

This day was super hot.  After work time for a swim.  Toby enjoying the empty surrounds.