Visit from the London School of Tropical Health

Last week we had a team of scientists from the London School of Health.  They were visiting Ifakara with the view to setting up a field site for a large Bill Gates grant related to pit latrines.  The team have a great depth of knowledge and research experience on both water and sanitation projects.  It was great to have them here to talk about the MSABI project.  They were very interested in our work and did a number of site visits to see our water point installations, drill team and our first pit latrine design.  They tell me they were very impressed with the project, particularly the unique business model we use for sustainable management of water points once they are in operation - ie  we encourage private and group ownership and advise them to sell water as a business, thus providing incentive to ensure regular upkeep and maintenance of their asset.

Professor Chris Buckley has a go at drilling.

Professor Chris Buckley

Here I am explaining the drilling process

The London School team investigate a local pit latrine.