A nice quote from my friend Luke who visited. see below posts for more details on his trip.

I guess when you give money to not for profit organisations that run aid projects in countries like Tanzania we all think about how much of your hard earned dollars actually reaches people on the ground. 20 cents in the dollar? 40 cents in the dollar? I donated $600 for a well and it gave water to 800 school kids in Ifakara, Tanzania. Every single dollar of the $600 made its way to the people on the ground.   I really think larger organisations with greater financial capacity then Dale’s MSABI project should look at his model. They could make so much more of a contribution to the people on the ground if monies were not eaten up by the “middle men” that run them. As a Chartered Accountant & Registered Tax agent I spend my days questioning things and as a result my wife thinks I have become more cynical in relation to how the world goes round. Seeing  first hand that my money actually made a difference and it wasn’t just about getting a tax deduction for your donation was inspiring and has helped to strip back some of my cynicism