Kibaha Curse

In follow up to the story (in the below posts) about the guy who misappropriated around $400 in a shonky middle man deal -  Well I am happy to say that he managed to return the money.  

Unfortunately there is still no happy ending to this job.  The drill team drilled to 23.5m upon where they struck very hard rock.  A pump test was performed and there was no water!  Thems the breaks!!!  By this stage the drillers were exhausted after more than a month on the road.  We have stored the equipment and plan to return in 2 weeks to drill another borehole - this time in an area selected by us, as opposed to us being told where we should drill.  We will drill next to an old dry creek bed and I am more hopeful we should find a good water source in this area.  I will update again when we return.