Open call for MSABI Volunteers

I would like to offer the opportunity for volunteers to join MSABI in 2010.  You will gain practical project management skills in a rural African environment.  You will obtain technical skills for the implantation of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project.  You will be have the opportunity to work with a local team of Tanzanians.  Further, you will experience the "real" Africa and get to live locally and have opportunities to travel within East Africa.  You will be joined by a Swiss volunteer who is arriving in December and possibly another volunteer from Engineers Without Borders who will a arrive in January.  Further, we have an excellent, supportive local Tanzanian team who will make you feel most welcome.

What MSABI will require of you is the following:
  • You will need to get here.
  • You will need to cover all you living expenses. Budget around $200/month on accomadation and $100/month on food.  
  • Minimum period of 6 months

MSABI will provide:

  • subsidy for mobile phone calls related to work
  • transport costs related to work
  • help with locating accommodation
  • organise work visa
Below is a short job description.

1.      Name of the project:    MSABI under Ifakara Health Institute..........

2.      Tasks for the civil servant (short job description):

Work description
Quota in %
Project management of a team of up to 12 locally employed staff working on the implementation of new safe water points and environmentally designed latrines.  Working in the field, in isolation, you will be responsible for project co-ordination, community liaison, and team management.  A background technical understanding of water/wastewater design and engineering is desired but not essential.  You will need to be independent, able to problem solve in difficult situations and above all have patience and always remain positive and friendly. 
Filter Pot project.  You will work closely with a local womens group to assist with the manufacture and marketing of clay pot water filters. 
Community education for hygiene and sanitation
Materials procurements – money management
Budgeting – computer office work
More information on the project specifics can be found at:

3.      Required basic knowledge/skills:
      (Education, skills, experiences etc.)
·         Graduate from high school with good grades
·         Excellent English
·         Proven ability to work alone with minimal supervision
·         Proven ability to manage a small team
·         Proven ability to problem solve
·         Proven ability to manage money and budgets
·         Ability to live in a rural African village
·         Ability to work with minimal support
·         Ability to handle a hot, dusty and sometimes very wet environment
·         Enthusiasm and energy
·         Patience without losing temper
·         Experienced traveller
·         Independent
             Requested  education (nice to have):
(Bachelor, University degree, experiences abroad)

·           Bachelor of Engineering (civil or environmental) with experience in water and sanitation. Or Bachelor of Environmental Science.
·           Previous experience on engineering projects
·           Previous experience on community projects
·           Previous experience with a water/sanitation project
·           Previous travel experience to East Africa
·           Knowledge of the Swahili language
·           Open drivers licence and or Motorcycle licence (motorcycle experience valuable)

 4.      Duration: (in months) minimum 6 months up to 2 years.

5.      Place of work: Ifakara, Tanzania.  Working specifically in the remote rural villages of Idete and Namawala.  Opportunities to travel to other parts of Tanzania will exist.

6.      Who is the supervisor. ( Global Developments Group, MSABI - Dale Young)

If you are interested please email me at