MSABI Fundraising Total passes AUS$50,000

We have just passed the $50,000 mark for total funds raised for the MSABI project.

A big thank-you to all our friends and family - and even people we don't know - who have donated money and helped continue this great project.  I feel this is a big achievement since we started with our first donation from GHD back in May - only 6 months ago!

We have completed 25 rope pump installations.  From start up to now we have spent AUS$34,000.  If we take out one off expenses for drill rigs, kiln, staff subsidy scheme and staff training we have an average cost per new water point installation of just under $900.  Over the next year our cost of production is expected to drop to between $600-700.

General Operation Expenses 3,021.43
Training courses  3,609.68
 Employee wages 7,250.00
 Employee subsidy scheme 1,571.58
 Filter pot project including kiln 2,521.19
 Drilling equipment (3x rigs, 3x tricycles) 7,695.79
 Manufacturing (rope pumps and drill rigs) 4,308.42
 Materials 7,680.89
 Total 37,658.98

We have also received $3834 from Tanzanian community contributions for rope pump installations.
We have $17,000 in our bank.

The project continues to evolve way beyond what I first envisaged.  Due to the local demand and support from within Tanzania and overseas I am happy to drive the project into early next year.  We have some big things happening over the next few months:
  • Become a listed NGO in Tanzania
  • Obtain umbrella NGO status in Australia allowing tax deductions and external auditing (preliminary approval from Global Developments Group)
  • Obtain similar umbrella status in the USA and Netherlands - and possibly UK.
  • Receive 2x full-time volunteers.  The first will be from the Swiss Tropical Institute - expected date of arrival is December.  The second will be from UK-Engineers Without Borders - expected arrival date in January
  • 2010 - Preliminary budget fundraising goal is for AUS$150,000 which will include a one off cost for a 2nd hand 4wd vehicle and provision for 150 rope pump installations.