Completion of Idete open well

I have attached some photos below of the MSABI Idete team completing the finishing touches to a new water point.  We had a lot of trouble with this location as it is situated on the foothills of the Udzungwa Mountains - and has shallow underlying rock.  After drilling 10m we had to stop as the rock was just too hard - we had water but the flow rate was not quite enough.  Our experienced open well digger Helman convinced us that he could widen the borhehole to increase the inflow rate.  He laboured away for over 1 week and his hard work paid dividends with lots of fresh water inflowing into the well (over 800 L/hr).  The local community in this area are so happy as previously fetching water was a job that took over 4 hours!!!  Now they have their own fresh and safe water supply.  They are planning an "official" opening party for us.

This same Idete drill team is now far away working in Kilwa (500km south of Dar).  They have at least 2 jobs to complete before they will return to their home village.  Our Namawala drill team is also working in another village at the moment.  They are at Mgeta town which is further down the Kilombero Valley.  They too have had problems with rocks at one of the sites and I was told this morning that they have solved the problem by also widening the borehole into an open well.

The Idete MSABI team applies finishing touches to a new water point on the foothills of the Udzungwa Mountains - where previously residents had to walk 4 hours to obtain water.

Members of the community look on in anticipation as the first water flows from the new MSABI rope pump.

Job finished! Time for lunch. Ugali (maize dough) and beans