Namawala Update

Ok so I am back on deck. The MSABI team have been very busy whilst I was away and I am proud to say they have done very well. We now have 3 drill teams up and running. We have completed our first borehole at Ifakara, Kilongwili Secondary School. Whilst I was away we also completed another borehole at Namawala, construction of a new open well at the health clinic and the conversion of 3 other open wells to rope pumps. The total number of rope pumps installed in Namawala is now 14!

14 Installations in under 3 months of work is a big achievement!!!

In Idete we are near completion of our first borehole, having had to drill through 9m of rock so far, very slow going.

It is high time I updated pictures of our recent installations. Below is a spread of what we have achieved in Namawala over the last month or so.

Thanks to all of you who have made a donation to MSABI. You can see we make full use of your money and try to ensure that your donation is recognised.

The Itoi Group borehole in operation, Namawala Village.
The rope pump is no problem for small children - the main users of water points.
Donar recognition.
Clean water. (The surface sheen is from reflection)
The recently completed new open well at the Namawala Clinic. We drilled a borehole first, but did not locate enough water, so we used the borehole as a base and dug out an open well to increase the productivity.
Sorry for the spelling Morgan. Our sign writer has some "issues" or maybe he can't read my writing.
Part of the Namawala MSABI team pose for a picture infront of the the Namawala Clinic installation. From L to R. Ali (lead fundi), Maurusu (team leader), Helman (chief well digger), Bruno (new recruit) and Bahati (lead driller)
Mr Fracis open well conversion in full use.
New borehole for the Wanyonge group, Namawala.
Happy members of the Wanyonge group. Several families pooled their money together to afford the luxury of clean and safe water. This is what MSABI is about!
Mr Eliya stands proudly infront of his new rope pump - an open well conversion at Idandu Village, 7kms from Namawala.
Mr Eliya's installation.
MSABI's first borehole installation at Namawala is in full use now. Early afternoon and already the buckets are lined up. By sunset there will be a 20m long line up! This water is very sweet!

Our first borehole installation in Ifakara. Kilongwili Secondary School - 800 pupils now water!
Darren has been a major sponsor and his generosity can be directly attributed to our survival thus far.
The drilling equipment is packed up and on its way to our second job in Ifakara, Mapanduzi Primary School - 800+ kids without adequate water.