I have been in contact with my team managers and they have informed me that they have finished drilling another borehole at another remote Sukuma outpost – this time over 15km from Namawala village! The Namawala team is now digging an open well at the health clinic to try and increase the amount of water production – as the facility is located on a rocky hill. The new drill equipment is also in use in Ifakara where we have started drilling at the Kilongwili Secondary School – 800 students with no water!

I have been in discussions with a Dutch NGO called Connect International. They are involved in similar projects. They seem to like the small community based model that we are developing – something that can be replicated and expanded. We are talking initially of expanding within Tanzania and also the Pacific region.

I will be back in Oz next year and we may set up a Connect branch there so that we can build a Pacific focus – plus attract tax credits which will help with fundraising.

Connect is hopeful for a large grant at the end of 2010 which can help feed into MSABI. So please we still need as much support as possible if this MSABI model is to have a sustainable future. We need to get through this year and the first half of next. I have put together a budget for 2010. Our overheads are negligible, however the project needs to look at purchasing a 4wd vehicle to access the villages. The roads are super rough and we can’t expect the replacement for me to run around on a motorbike like I do.