Luncheon Success

Thank-you to everyone who attended and gave support for the MSABI luncheon. There were over 50 people who attended - I am very happy.

I would like to say a special thanks to my Mum who organised the whole event, and to my father Bruce, my sister Julie, and her husband Ben who gave talks and helped host the luncheon.

"Everyone present seemed to enjoy themselves and were impressed with what you is doing. We did not take any donations as planned but had 3 raffles for those who wanted to spent more than their meal ticket. In all we made $580 + another $70 from 2 others who did not come."

It is very humbling for me to see my local community getting behind what MSABI is doing here in Africa.

Further, thanks for supporting the raffles and a big thank-you to Shone Soich who donated a massage to the event. After the luncheon Shone and her family contacted my Mum to let her know that they would like to further donate money towards a new borehole and pump. I look forward very much to two things:
1. Installing a pump with their family name on it.
2. Returning home and getting my back sorted out by Shone!

Another big mention to Darren Smith - who drove from the Gold Coast and has donated another $1000 to MSABI - I am blown away.

Did I mention below that MSABI has also received a grant of around $6000 from a Tanzanian charity event.

In under two weeks, from having dived into my personal savings to keep MSABI running we now have enough money to keep us operating for the next 2-3 months.

I am much relieved. Thank-you so much.