Goat Races - Dar

And the winner is No. 4 Hanna Goatana.
Quite a large turn-out for such a bazaar event.

I took the bus down to Dar es Salaam on Friday so that I could attend the annual "Goat Races" charity. MSABI was lucky enough to be selected as one of the charities to benefit from the fundraising. It sure was a great turn-out and very well organised. Credit to the organisers! The presentation of money to MSABI will be in September - apparently with Press/media etc (something I will do my best to hide from.haha.).

Over the coming few weeks I hope to have some news to share regarding MSABI's plans for 2010 and beyond. It is all very promising, but as you know you cant count your chickens till they've hatched.

The donations continue to come in. I have received notice of another 3 pledges for money for new rope pump installations this week. Very encouraging for myself and the team. Thanks so much.

We are still drilling at the Namawala Clinic. Unfortunately we had equipment fail again - a drill bit snapped off down hole. We will try to get it out, but it is not easy - the borehole will likely have to be abandoned and drilled again. These events must be expected, but they do add to our overheads and aren't great for driller morale.

My Sukama friends have been ringing me every few days just to say hi and say how happy they are with their new source of clean and safe water. It quite funny actually as they continue to call for no real reason. It is nice to know they are appreciative and helps me keep going.