Ifakara update - 4 pumps working another 3 under construction

The first MSABI borehole with completed rope pump in operation.

So now I am back in Ifakara. Whilst things never ever move as fast as they do back home, it was nice to see that the MSABI team had achieved some great things whilst I was away in Dar. We now have completed 4 open wells with another 2 under construction. The team also finished our first borehole and it is now in operation. We are currently drilling our 2nd borehole. The first 12m was done quickly, but then we hit soft rock again. We are currently at 14m and have hit a very hard layer - we managed to break our new drill bit especially made for rock. At 11m we came across a very good aquifer, so we have decided to do a pump test on Monday to see if we have enough water.

John, the welder, has completed 6 pumps which were delivered to the villages yesterday. He simply can't make them fast enough at the moment. He has started on another 10 this morning. The pumps are proving to be extremely popular with the community. Already we have received over $1000 in community contributions for the work we have completed!!!

Today I have spent the morning doing book keeping. We are awaiting the deposit of pledges from a few organisations - and after the Dar trip where I bought lots of equipment - It seems that we now have spent all of our current budget! In fact we have spent an additional $390 which I am covering at the moment. Im not too worried, but I hope you can all appreciated the tight rope this project is currently balancing on.

A very nice installation completed entirely by locally employed MSABi staff!
Clean water!