Opening Party for the Kiln

Today we had an opening party for the Kiln that we will use to manufacture clay pot water filters.

I have to give all the credit to George our Swiss pottery expert who has largely managed this project in my absence as I have been too busy working in the villages. And it was George who today organised food, drinks and even cooked lunch whilst I was off trying to solve some welding issues on our "rota sludge" drill set.

The Kiln looks great and it works great as a BBQ. George and myself christened the Kiln and she has the glorious name of "Lucy from Lumemo". Lumemo is the sub-village that the Lucy is built in. We had speeches from the village chairman and there was thanks and appreciation from all parties. The owners of Lucy are very grateful and look forward to their new future business.

We hope to start working on the production of the filter pots in around 2 weeks time when both myself and George have some free time to spend with Lucy's owners.

Did I mention in a previous post - the total cost of the kiln came in at TSH 950,000, or around AUS$1000. The cost would be less for a smaller foundation - we built a high foundation as the area receives heavy rainfall in the wet season.

George has also prepared a step-by-step photo/video guide for the construction of the kiln. He also has drawings/plans available.

Lunch time picnic
Oven grill
MSABI team members, Laban from SHIPO and the owners (holding the prototype filter pot) of "Lucy from Lumemo".
Children take the chance for a photo