Namawala Training Program Commences

The trip to Dar es Salaam was good fun, but rushed.  2 days in a bus for 1 days play is never recommended.  

The cricket game was held right in the middle of the city.  The ground was beautiful, complete with a colonial English cricket Pavilion.  The Aussie team was looking a bit worse for wear in our make-shift uniform of bordies and singlets.  The Poms were kitted out in whites including a special embroided shirt for the match.  Anyway to cut a long story short, the uniforms worked and the Aussies were smashed and everyone had a great day even if it meant losing.  Afterwards we all went around to the British team captains house - the ambassador no less.  Both Tanya and myself met many new people and I made some good contacts for the water project.  However, I faded quickly as I was suffering from heat exaustion from playing cricket in a singlet all day.

Yesterday was spent organising materials for the training.  The staff from SHIPO are here and right now we are heading off to Namawala to start construction of the first MSABI safe water point!

Ashes cricket 2009.  The Poms regain the Ashes.  

Tanya, our cat Milo check out the new (used) motor bike which has made accessing the villages a whole lot easier.