First MSABI Rope Pump Installed

Hi. Just a quick note and a few photos of our first MSABI rope pump installation!!!

I have been very busy these last 2 weeks.

We have completed our first open well conversion to a rope pump. The pump looks great and is working very well. The water produced from this well is now much safer and cleaner as it is a closed environment. We sealed the upper 4m of the well with a concrete plaster to stop infiltration from the surface. People have been travelling far and wide to view the new pump. We have Masaii who are living 15km away in the "shamba" (open farm areas) who have walked to the village to see the pump. The were very excited and have requested our assistance.

Our first borehole drilling exercise using the manual "rota sludge" equipment is at around 22m. We will do a pump test tomorrow to establish if we have sufficient water already to finalise this well.

To summarise we have over 40 applications for new boreholes and rope pumps and over 25 applications for new environmentally friendly latrines. This is from only two small villages within the Morogoro district - home to well over 100 villages.

We have installed the first of what we hope is many rope pumps in the Morogor District of Tanzania.